Is the REDMI 4/4X waterproof or water resistant?

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I own a Redmi 4X for over a year now and because of that, I’ve pretty much explored everything there is to the device. The Redmi 4X is manufactured by Xiaomi, now one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers today. Unlike premium phones from Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi sells their devices at a far cheaper price that offer the same or even better specifications than their competitors. The Redmi 4X is actually my first Xiaomi phone and I’ve explored enough of it to know its pros and cons. And one of the questions people seem to throw around on YouTube, forums, and Facebook groups is “Is the Redmi 4X water-resistant/waterproof or not?

Is it really? That’s what we’re about to find out.

Waterproof vs. Water-resistant

Before we get to the answer, we should first know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. When you say waterproof, the device is basically impervious to water meaning water can’t get through or damage the mobile phone. While with water-resistant devices, they can only tolerate small splashes or a few trickles of water but that doesn’t mean water can’t get inside.

A smartphone that is waterproof is better than a smartphone that is water-resistant.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, is the Redmi 4/4X waterproof?

No. The Redmi 4/4X is not waterproof.

There are only a handful of phones on the market that are truly waterproofed and unfortunately, the Redmi 4/4X is not one of them. The Redmi 4/4X is a budget phone and giving it the waterproof build, I’m sure will cost a lot more.

So how do I know that it isn’t waterproof? I know because I accidentally got my Redmi 4X wet and the damage was just beyond repair…

Taps and swipes won't work here
Taps and swipes won’t work here

The 30% bottom part of my touchscreen was no longer usable that the taps and swipe gestures would not respond. I could still see everything on the screen however, just that I couldn’t interact properly on that section of the device. I had to enable Auto-Rotate so that I could use the on-screen keyboard by flipping the phone upside down. It was very inconvenient, to say the least.

But the worst damage I got after getting my Redmi 4X wet was with the battery. It started to run out very, very quickly. The Redmi 4X sports a powerful 4100-mah battery so initially, it would last two days on an average use. But after the incident, I saw the power drain so fast it would only last a few hours. Then it got hot more often even though I wasn’t using it, to the point that I would just turn off the device entirely.

Redmi 4X won't charge
Redmi 4X won’t charge

And if you think it couldn’t get any worse, the phone would no longer charge. It would just stay around 3-4% no matter how long I’ve connected it to the outlet. It was the same case with every charger I tried.

Redmi 4X will stop charging at 3-4%
Redmi 4X will stop charging at 3-4%

So yeah, the Redmi 4/4X is far from being a so-called ‘waterproof smartphone’.

But is it at least water-resistant?

No. The Redmi 4/4X is also not water-resistant.

Well, it can be depending on where the water hits. If a few drops would hit the screen, the device will be fine. That is because the LCD is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass which I find very useful and a must-have for smartphones. But if the water got through the bottom part of the phone, where the speakers and charger port are located, then expect some possible issues to happen.

Redmi 4X speakers and charger port
Redmi 4X speakers and charger port

The first sign of problems would be the audio quality that will come out of the speaker. The volume will have decreased greatly and there will be a constant buzzing whenever you play music files or videos. It usually disappears after a few hours but if you keep getting your device moist, this can become permanent.

As with the case of my Redmi 4X…

It is already on max volume but you can barely hear anything. The sound quality has degraded so much, I would always use an external Bluetooth speaker or a headphone whenever I’m browsing YouTube.

How I got my Redmi 4X wet

I brought it with me to a swimming pool – a wave pool to be exact – with no plastic protection from the battering waves whatsoever. Yeah, a pretty stupid move. I wanted to film the waves and post it on my travel blog. I did get the video but it caused me a really nice phone.

A clip from the video I took with my Redmi 4X:

Was it worth it? Nope.


If you’ve read somewhere that said the Redmi 4/4X is waterproof or water-resistant, then that is just not true. The Redmi 4/4X is not waterproof nor water-resistant and I would not advise you to test it out yourself unless you’re willing to and have the means to buy another smartphone. As much as possible, avoid getting it in contact with any form of liquid. The Redmi 4/4X is a great device so take good care of it. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

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