SafeInCloud PRO Review: The Password Manager For Millennials

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I am always using the internet. One moment I am lying down on my bed messing with my phone, the next I’ll be on a laptop looking up cat videos and stuff. When I leave the house, my mobile data connection is always turned on. Being on the internet has just become an integral part of my life and throughout the years, I have created dozens of online accounts. From email addresses to social media profiles, I am basically all over the place. Unfortunately, that comes with a heavy burden of managing all my passwords, which I always seem to forget. I have used a lot of password managers through the years, but nothing comes close to the satisfaction SafeInCloud Password Manager Pro has given me.

Say what? You don’t need a password manager because you can just easily recall all your passwords? It’s either you have an amazing memory (props to you), only utilizing alphanumeric characters, or it could be because you’re only using one or two passwords for all your accounts. Please DO NOT use the same password over and over again. You’re just making it easier for hackers to get through to you. That’s what password generators are for and in this age where the internet is here to stay, it’s only practical to have a password manager.

SafeInCloud Password Generator
SafeInCloud Password Generator

What is SafeInCloud Password Manager?

Well, it’s exactly that – a password manager! According to their website, SafeInCloud Password Manager was first launched back in 2012 and as of writing, over 500,000 people are using the software every day, including me. Is this your first time hearing about it? I don’t blame you. SafeInCloud may have been around for over 5 years now but it was only back in 2016 that I found their app. Yes, they have an app – both for Android and IOS. They also have programs for Windows and Mac which means they support cross-device synchronization.

Here is the complete list of features of SafeInCloud Password Manager Pro:

  • Cloud synchronization
  • Unlimited card storage
  • Website icons for cards
  • Password generator
  • Image attachments
  • Fast unlock
  • Login with fingerprint
  • Copy to Notification panel
  • Auto-fill in Chrome
  • Empty clipboard by timeout
  • Android Wear app
Smartwatch App Companion
Smartwatch App Companion


Seamless Cross-device Synchronization

One of the best selling points on any program or app for me is cloud synchronization and SafeInCloud Pro provides exactly that. I have multiple devices so having my passwords everywhere with me makes logging in much more convenient. Did you add your new login account information via the SafeInCloud Windows program? Whip out your Android or IOS smartphone and open the SafeInCloud Password Manager app, allow it a few seconds to update, and BAM! You can now view that information from anywhere.

Cloud Synchronization
Cloud Synchronization

SafeInCloud does not store your passwords in their own server, however. Instead, they make use of your Google DriveDropbox, OneDrive, or Yandex Disk accounts. But don’t worry as the database file, which is named SafeInCloud.db, is encrypted with 256-bit AES, on top of your file hosting service’s own security features.

List of SafeInCloud-supported file hosting services:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Yandex Disk (not recommended)
  • WebDAV (NAS, ownCloud, etc.)

Easy-to-use Modern UI

Another thing that I like about SafeInCloud Password Manager is their UI or User Interface. The design is based off Google’s Material Design which is simple, effective, and responsive. You don’t need to look at over a hundred buttons just to create a new record, update existing ones, or change your settings.

Windows Desktop App
Windows Desktop App

Some password managers, especially the ones for Windows platforms, look like as if they were made back in the early 2000s. Like hello? Microsoft has already flat-ironed their Windows XP logo. So should your software as flat design seems to be the latest trend nowadays. Unless you’re reading this from the year 2050, in that case, 4D all the way!

Available Offline

Once you have connected your SafeInCloud app to your file hosting service, all records and information will be downloaded to your phone for offline use. This is such a useful feature and a real life-saver if you are, for example, in an internet cafe and you are prohibited from downloading the SafeInCloud desktop software. You need to login to your email account to check on an urgent message your boss sent you and you’ve just maxed out your mobile data limit the moment you entered the cafe (you’re that unfortunate).

Just pull out that smartphone, look for the right login info, and done – you’ve logged in! Then you realize that the email was just your boss telling you that you’re fired…

If I add a new record while my phone is offline, will that back up once I have internet?

Yes it will. Any changes you make to the database while you are offline will sync to all your connected devices once you have internet connection. But you must open the app at least once while connected so that it can upload the updated database to your file hosting service.

Fingerprint and Face ID Authentication

With Face IDs and Fingerprint scanners becoming a standard in most newer smartphones, it is only ideal that they should start supporting these security features. On Android and IOS devices, if your system supports it, you can enable Fingerprint and Face ID Authentication. I have an Android phone with a Fingerprint scanner on the back and I can say that the feature works flawlessly.

Biometric Authentication
Biometric Authentication

Pay Only Once

Yeah, unfortunately, SafeInCloud Password Manager Pro has a price tag of $4.99 for the Individual License and $7.99 for the Family License. But only for the mobile apps, not the Windows and Mac versions. But before you leave and look for another password manager, hear me out so I can explain why spending a few dollars is very much worth it.

No Subscriptions
No Subscriptions

You only need to pay once, yes just once, for a lifetime license for each mobile OS. So if you are using Android, you will only be paying a license for your Android devices. If you are using IOS, you will need to purchase a separate license for that. No monthly subscription whatsoever! The licenses will be tied to your Google or Apple account which means that no matter how many phones you have or buy in the future, as long as they’re using the same account, you can install SafeInCloud Password Manager Pro without any problems.

Most of the features I’ve mentioned here are just incredible and I feel the developers deserve to be rewarded. Not all password managers have cross-device synchronization, a friendly UI, or support Face ID and Fingerprint authentication. For all these and other features I’ve mentioned just under $5, it’s a good darn deal compared to other premium password managers. The Family Pro License is pretty awesome too as you can add up to 5 members of the Google Play Family Library or iCloud Family Sharing.

Isn’t there a free version for Android and IOS?

Yes there is actually. You can find them on the Google Play and App Store but I cannot recommend those, however. You can still save and update your passwords but most of the best features are on the Pro version.

Free Trial

Upon installation, the free versions of the app will automatically provide a 2-week free trial giving you enough time to test it out. After 2 weeks, the Pro features will be disabled unless you are able to acquire a license.

SafeInCloud Pro Free Trial
SafeInCloud Pro Free Trial


SafeInCloud Password Manager Pro may not be as popular as other competitors like LastPass, but what it has to offer at such an affordable price makes it in par or even better than other premium password managers. I have been using SafeInCloud for over a year now and I’ve never been happier with their service. A simple UI with everything you might need from a password manager, I would certainly say that my $4.99 was money well spent.

The app updates regularly so it’s good to know that the developers are constantly checking and fixing any bugs. Their cross-device synchronization and Fingerprint & Face ID authentication features are the biggest things that won me over. I hope that you enjoyed this review and for the company to add new things that would improve the app even further.

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